The Woven and Layered Tales of Our Ancient Artifacts Collection

Hello My Dear Ones,

I am thinking of you all and holding you all dear in my heart. As the seasons begin to change and we continue to create, I wanted to take some time to share more of the essence of our work and the stories of our jewelry that truly makes them shine.

The art of the artifact is something that I truly treasure—each molded creation has a story that holds a special meaning and power. Truly something to keep forever and to enhance anything spiritual you are wanting to bring to your life. 

Love xoxox,


The Sacred Angel Artifact Necklace


There are angels who watch over countries, and angels who watch over organizations that work for the good. There are angels who watch over families. And then we each have one of our own. This is the angel who has you. And this angel is your own. Wear this Sacred Angel to help keep you on track. She’s got you taken care of. You can trust in her and her most ultimate feminine powers.✨💛✨💫 

The Ganesh Artifact Necklace

Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. The only thing in our way is old thinking. Let's take a new approach to our lives and focus on all that is possible, because that is what is possible. Believing it makes it, so wearing this little elephant will remind you that you are powerful and can do what is in your heart to do. No questions, you can do it. Be it, own it. ✨


Miracles are the norm if you choose to see life that way. Within this artifact you are heard, you are supported, and you are gifted with what you’ve asked for. Look back at your life and you will recognize that miracles have happened in your life all along. All you have to do is look closely at what has happened to see them and flourish in their bounty. You’ve got the children, you’ve got the job, you've got the family. It’s incredible to recognize that you’re being heard and respected by life. What would you like to create from here? Anything is possible. ✨

My Beloved

I loved you in my heart long before forever and I will love you long after. Keep me and I will keep you. In my heart, this is where you will always be.✨

✨Two Angels Artifact Necklace✨

This artifact is meant for the soul connection between you and your angel on earth or in the heavens, perhaps someone you are soul connected to for eternity. This relic from the 1600s was found at an abandoned monastery in the mountains of Zacatecas, Mexico. They speak of how our angels bring us together for a higher purpose and that everyone you are involved with is in your life for a special reason—for Love, Joy, the Spirit of Life, Beauty and Bounty! 💛💛💛✨



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