Please understand that the human Race needs every single one of us to “stop”.

The message.., is simple yet it’s very profound....
“Go Within”.
Go home ...
stop chasing.. and learn to trust that you will be taken care of. We are going to be ok. Just fine.
Spend the next two weeks with yourself. And spend two weeks with your family and loved ones. And be there. Only there. Nowhere else.
Get off your phone and learn to be present again.

In every-time of great challenge... great gifts are also given.
This is one of those times in history.
Let’s see it for it’s great value... let’s see the opportunity we are facing. To make a change.
Only you know what those changes are... listen and heed. And be proud of who you are becoming through this window of time.
And then pray, that as fast as you can change yourself the planet will match you and heal itself.
That’s the message. Go within and Trust.

That this too will Pass.
The better we all respond, the better this will turn out.
It’s all in the human favor.
Please do your part.
We are all counting on it. 


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