Say “I ❤️ You” with Robin Haley

Our Ancient Artifacts collection is hand cast from actual artifacts, and each piece has a story that holds a special meaning and power. This unique piece is from Rome 59 BC, its story: "Beloved, I have loved you in my heart long before, and I will love you long after. Keep me... and I will keep you in my heart where you will always belong."

The heart is enveloped in a light that makes it whole as soon as you allow it to. Our Healed Heart Studs features a beautiful blue sapphire that reminds us that an old life always gives way to a new and more beautiful one! 
Roses? Consider our fan-favorite Moroccan earrings in rose gold, instead! These bestsellers are forever a classic — they’re lightweight and ultra-thin and can be styled with anything! 

Sometimes just the simplest things are so important! With true love, you may need to jump through a few “hoops,” but when you find it, it goes round and round without an end. “If you love someone put their name in a circle instead of a heart because hearts break and circles go on forever.” - Unknown


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