Glistening Gifts for the Holidays

Hello Dear Ones,

The holidays are approaching quickly, and this year will be so special for many reasons. Now more than ever have we been so closely connected to our families and loved ones, whether that be quarantined together or through more frequently Zoom and phone calls! This year has been quite tough, and though we have persevered, we want to show the women in our lives our appreciation for them.

Let your special someone know how much you care with a piece that expresses your love for them and captures their beauty. I’ve hand-picked a few pieces that truly embody the strong female figure with messages that continue to empower and remind us to choose and love ourselves every day.

Shine bright this holiday season!


The Healed Heart Necklace in Pink Sapphire

The heart is enveloped in a light that makes it whole as soon as you allow it and believe that the past was only a learning experience. Our Healed Heart Necklace featuring a beautiful pink sapphire that reminds us that an old life always gives way to a new and more beautiful one!

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The Compass Necklace

"When you follow your bliss, you’re headed in the direction of your own personal true north." Our Compass Necklace inspires us to trust our gut and intuition—your path will always be unlike any other—wear this to keep you knowing where you must go.

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The Home Necklace

Home is always where your heart belongs. Our Home Necklace serves as a token of the comfort of being home and grounded in the warmth of its love.

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The Goddess Necklace

"The woman who lives by her own truth honors herself." Honor your heart—only you know which dreams live there. The Goddess Necklace is a daily reminder to take what your heart wants seriously and love it.

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Freedom Delicate Artifact Necklace

Freedom is what everybody wants—to live without restriction, to live with unconditional love, and to feel the pure and simple joys of life! Our delicate Freedom Necklace reminds us to honor our freedom of self and always follow our true direction in life.

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Champagne Diamond Chunky Huggie

Diamonds are a luxury worth splurging for yourself—especially this year. Wear these Chunky Huggies to align you with your highest truth: You are divine, you are powerful, and you are beautiful. This work is made by hand and created to celebrate your own magnificence.

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Love Necklace

The truth of love is that it’s what we live on! It’s in every breath that we take, it’s the purpose behind everything we do. The solid gold Love Necklace reminds us how valuable love truly is and how precious it is when you find it.

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