A Gift Of A Half A Dozen Roses Dressed In Gold

Hello Dear Ones,

I hope you are enjoying this season and the crisp autumn air as much as I am. I love the colors of fall—the golden leaves, the smells of spice, the season of change. This season reminds us that change is inevitable and is something that happens with us as we grow, evolve, and expand to our greatest potentials. Some of us do not like the idea of change and thus we resist it and wish it away, yet it still happens, so why not practice embracing change with open arms? We are in this together!

I want to celebrate the movement, color, and change this season brings with my Haley line of fashion jewelry. I have picked a few of my favorite, fall-inspired rose gold pieces from my Haley collection to share with you below. I do hope they warm your hearts as they do mine in making them for you and remind you that we can embrace the season of change any day of our lives.

Sending love across the miles,


Rosé all day? That goes for our Rose Gold Scalloped Lotus Moroccan Earrings, too! ($152)


 We’re big “fans” of our Haley Large Fan Earrings! The geometric silhouette and custom patterning create a striking beauty, worthy of all your favorite fall looks. ($86)

Meet your new everyday go-to—the Haley Multicolor Pearl Bangle in Rose Gold. Featuring our signature custom patterning, this Rose Gold bangle bracelet makes a beautiful addition to every jewelry collection. The Haley Multicolor Pearl Bangle is as chic as it is classic. ($152)

The Haley Geometric Hoop Earrings in Rose Gold are NOT your typical hoop. These earrings use negative space to create a gorgeous effect that we are loving this season and beyond. With these fun and flirty earrings, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. ($93)

Delicate gemstones and rose gold combine to create your new favorite wear-anywhere accessory. This necklace can be paired with any look, providing that extra touch of timeless style. Make the Haley Gemstone Necklace in Rose Gold a staple in your wardrobe and you will not be disappointed. ($174)



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